I Guess Longboarding Is Now THE Thing

As far as I know, ChaΕ‚upy has always been known for two things: being a kite/windsurfing mecca and having nude beaches where all the flower children of the sixties migrated to do whatever flower children did in places like that… πŸ˜‰ I have never been to any of those beaches and I’m not even sure they still really exist, but what has become really popular lately among all the free spirits here is longboarding. I have never tried any skate-related sports before, so when the opportunity appeared a few days ago I was more than eager to finally put my hands on one of those boards. It turned out to be so much fun! I guess I’ll try to ride as often as possible from now on to become better and maybe learn a thing or two… especially that for the next few days there will be almost no wind at all and we have some longboards to test for free in kite.pl.

Below are some Go-Pro pics we took during a sunset break on one of the campsites. It was super nice to sit there on a pier with everyone, our legs dangling above the water, people walking there and fro, children playing silly games… a good time for sure.

Can’t wait for the evening to ride again! Longboarding is FUN!

May wind be with you,