Hel 2013 is ON.


After a year of traveling the time has come to finally say ‘that’s enough for a while’. It’s amazing to see the places I’ve been always dreaming of, it’s even more incredible to meet all the amazing people that I’ve stumbled upon on the way but, for some unknown to me reasons, during the year that has just passed the further I went, the more I missed the one place that has always been right under my nose. Maybe I will never be a ‘true’ traveller. Maybe I will never really be the ‘wanderer’ that people started to call me. Maybe I will not be those things after all because the place I have missed is exactly where my journey has started. I used to say that ‘I don’t feel rooted in any place, I’m fine wherever’ but I suppose the only way to discover it’s not true was to go away for a long while. I do feel rooted. And my home is exactly where I am right now, on this little Polish campsite, in an old caravan shared with two other people, surrounded by sun, water, green trees and that particular, loud beep noise the trains make when they stop at the train station 100m away.

Funny I had to go almost around the globe to understand something so simple.


I’ve been here only for a few days so far but this year I’m staying somewhere until mid-September. There are so many people here I’ve known for years now and there’s always something to do even if it’s not windy. Trickboarding, SUPing, wakeboarding, longboarding… the list is endless. There are parties and events planned for the whole season and right now we have two top PKRA competitors, Eudazio da Silva and Carlos Madson, staying on our campsite too. It’s pretty funny to see those “famous” Brazilian guys playing football with our boys or just hanging out with all of us πŸ˜‰ Even more amazing to see them on the water, but I had that pleasure in Egypt already a few months ago… really inspiring! Makes me want to go and practice new tricks myself πŸ™‚


This season should be pretty interesting as I still want to focus on developing the female kitesurfing scene here. I have some things planned in my mind already, I just need to find a bit of time to talk to my sponsors and other ‘influential’ people and see if they can help me to bring them to life πŸ™‚ I really hope so because we have lots of great girls over here and all they need is a small push to come out of the shadows and rock it! As far as competitions go, I might be entering one or two of them next month, but that really will all depend on how much I get to train in the upcoming weeks. I’ve had a 1.5 month break in riding due to lack of wind followed by an injury so progress-wise I am not yet in the place I wished to be by now… but it’s all a matter of practice and right now my main goal is to get as much riding time in between lessons as possible! The forecast looks good so fingers crossed πŸ˜€

Hopefully next time I’ll be able to post some riding pictures as well!

May wind be with you,