My first Ford Kite Cup competition

fot. Ford Kite Cup

fot. Ford Kite Cup

The weekend is over and together with it, the first stop of the Polish Kite Tour – Ford Kite Cup. Pretty funny, but it’s actually one of the most consistent competitions in the world as they have been running it for 10 years already, year after year, with no cancelled stops so far. There are four stops in total and the first one is always held in Chałupy, which is also where I consider my homespot to be 🙂

fot. Ford Kite Cup

fot. Ford Kite Cup

The wind was pretty bad during the comp, as on the first day we had side-off wind, a direction which totally doesn’t work on this spot, and the wind was very inconsistent and gusty. The heats were run though and in my first one I went against two other girls, one of them our awesome world champion, Karolina. I ended up second and sadly this kicked me out of the possibility to fight for the podium, as all second places went straight into the loosers final. In that one I went against two girls again. I made a stupid mistake landing blind and lost my kite very early in the heat (the heat was only 5 minutes! Omg, so short) and before I managed to relaunch it in the gusts and go upwind in the zone enough to do another trick, the heat was over. I managed to land some more basic tricks before that though and this gave me a 2nd place in the loosers final, which overall put me in the 5th place out of 9 places in total. It was interesting to try riding heats like that, as I’ve only ever did it with just one other girl in the heat and never with wind like that… the heats were also always longer. I have a better idea now what I should focus on next time and I’m pretty eager to compete on the 2nd tour stop in a few weeks 😀 Congrats to all 9 girls who participated, you all did a great job!

fot. Ford Kite Cup

fot. Ford Kite Cup

There was not enough wind on the first day and on the second day there was no wind at all, so doubles for women did not happen. Men singles were not finished too and there was no final result in Men category. A shame, cause my Cabrinha teammate and current Polish champion Marek Rowiński for sure wanted to kick some ass after his spring training in Egypt… next time I guess 😉

As I am writing this update, I am sitting in a train back home (there’s wifi and all that shit… wow, we ARE in EU after all). I’m going to spend five days working in Warsaw and then I am packing my bags again and heading off for another short adventure. All I can say is that I’m going to meet up with someone pretty cool and I will need a lot of sunscreen, bikinis and power to shred cause the wind over there is looking awesome so far!

Stay tuned for more fun and games with Zuza!

May wind be with you,


I came, I saw, I conquered.

After the first 2015 session in Poland... soooo cold!!!

After the first 2015 session in Poland… soooo cold!!!

OMG, so I have done it. I have managed to spend the ‘official’ season opening, which is always the long 1 May weekend, in Poland, at my homespot. It was pretty cool and I am really happy that I went, even though the temperature for kiting was way too low for my liking 😛 It was sunny and quite nice in general, but without gloves it is still pretty uncomfortable to ride… I had only one short session, but it didn’t really matter, as I went there mostly to check out the place where I’m gonna hang out this season and meet all the new people at the Cabrinha school where I’m going to stay in summer. All I can say is – this upcoming season is looking pretty good to me 😀

I am back home now until Thursday (wow, 3 days in total… looks like I’m gonna move around a lot in the upcoming months), when I am catching a train to my homespot again and heading out for the first stop of the Polish kiteboarding tour, Ford Kite Cup. I’m quite curious how it will go, as I’ve never been to any Polish competition before 🙂 It will be pretty cool to meet up with all the Polish riders and catch up, especially that since usually I am not in Poland much, I always miss out on all the fun things that are going on here.

Checking out the open sea part of the peninsula... sick views this time of year!

Checking out the open sea part of the peninsula… sick views this time of year!

Right after the competition I am coming back home for another 3 days and then on Thursday the 14th I am going to El Gouna, Egypt for one week 😀 It will be SO NICE to walk in a bikini and shorts again! Besides, El Gouna has both amazing kitesurfing conditions AND a nice cable park, so wind or no wind I am sure I will have tons of fun over there.

On the way for a session.

On the way for a session.

That’s it for now, I’ll try to write another short update after the competition next week. For now, it is three days of working really hard back home (Who in their right mind makes an 8AM – 9PM working schedule for themselves? Well… *rises her hand*) and hopefully on Tuesday hitting the cable in Warsaw somewhere between work… Life is pretty busy now for me and I sometimes miss those days when I could just sit back, relax and watch a TV series, but then again, if you don’t work hard, you will never achieve the things you want 🙂

Not a bad room view on my homespot :D

Not a bad room view on my homespot 😀

May wind be with you,

PS – All the media content from my Sardinia trip can be found in the PROJECTS 2015 tab at the top of the page. Both Polish and English content is available, so if you haven’t read about my latest adventure abroad yet, go and check it out now!

Cabrinha Girls Weekend 1st edition

Cabrinha Girls Weekend

A bit under two weeks ago we have organised the first Cabrinha Girls Weekend in Poland. We were quite lucky with the beautiful and sunny weather and so, during those two days we had everything: some kiting, some wakeboarding, some SUPing and a lot of chilling out. 17 kitesurfing girls showed up and all in all, I don’t think this event could have gone any better 🙂 I always wanted to do something active to promote kitesurfing among women but up till now I never really got a chance. I hope that from now on I will be able to organise this kind of events more often and make it into a regular thing.


We started our event with a meeting, where all the girls sat down and had a chance to introduce themselves and talk a bit about kitesurfing and everything connected with it… it was quite inspirational to listen to all of them talking about the things they love about the sport and how it has changed their lives 🙂 Just as we finished the meeting, the wind picked up and we were able to go on the water and have some fun. We tested various Cabrinha 2014 equipment and had a lot of fun trying new tricks and just fooling around 🙂

foto4 foto5 foto6

We also visited a nearby wakepark on Sunday… some girls had a chance to try riding the cable for the first time and they were all doing great!

foto7 foto8

We finished it all with a lottery and a small SUP race. I think this kind of event was something new on the Polish kitesurfing scene and I am really happy it all went well! Check out the video filmed by Daniel Dmytrów:

and the gallery below:

may wind be with you,

Sorting my life out

Spending time back on my homespot in Poland has given me opportunity to finally sit down and think a bit about the upcoming months. The whole past year was a big string of unpredicted events, plans that changed one thousand times, opportunities seized and waisted and doors that were either closing or opening before me wherever I went. I travelled, I saw some things, I went to the other side of the world and back, surfed places I never though I would surf and met a few people who in some mysterious way managed to become a very important part of my present life.

It was all magical and amazing, but it was also a big, big time and money consuming mess.

So this year I’ve decided to do things differently. I am still going to go places and do stuff, but this time it’s not going to be the wild I-need-to-do-it-all-at-once craze.

After much consideration, I’ve decided the best thing for me will be to go to one windy place for the whole winter season and just settle there for a time. My final choice is Boracay, where I’ll be spending my time from 30 October until mid-April. I’ll be staying in the same awesome school as last year, so if anyone’s up for a kite lesson, you’ll find me in Ocean Republic Kite Centre 🙂

Boracay will give me a great opportunity to develop my riding, as over there it’s windy almost every day, so it’s a comfortable spot with good, consistent winds that help the progress instead of stopping it. I’ve also decided to go for it this winter season and take part in the PKA tour (Philippine Kiteboarding Tour) and hopefully at least 2 stops of the KTA tour… There’s probably gonna be also one big local competition on Boracay, so I might enter that as well. Competitions help to develop your skills a lot and they give you some kind of purpose and a reason to practice, so since I’m gonna spend on Philippines 6 long months, I might just as well participate in as many as I can. So far I’ve been kind of avoiding competing, but I have a feeling if I really try, I can do it. I bought my plane ticket for the first stop of PKA today, so can’t really chicken out anymore 🙂

So that’s more or less all when it comes to my winter plans. For now I am still at the Polish seaside, enjoying time on my homespot on Hel Peninsula. I’m gonna stay here one month more, hopefully producing another video… if only there’s enough wind to ride and film, it should be possible 🙂

Check out a few random pictures from our daily life on Hel!

May wind be with you,

Hel 2013 is ON.


After a year of traveling the time has come to finally say ‘that’s enough for a while’. It’s amazing to see the places I’ve been always dreaming of, it’s even more incredible to meet all the amazing people that I’ve stumbled upon on the way but, for some unknown to me reasons, during the year that has just passed the further I went, the more I missed the one place that has always been right under my nose. Maybe I will never be a ‘true’ traveller. Maybe I will never really be the ‘wanderer’ that people started to call me. Maybe I will not be those things after all because the place I have missed is exactly where my journey has started. I used to say that ‘I don’t feel rooted in any place, I’m fine wherever’ but I suppose the only way to discover it’s not true was to go away for a long while. I do feel rooted. And my home is exactly where I am right now, on this little Polish campsite, in an old caravan shared with two other people, surrounded by sun, water, green trees and that particular, loud beep noise the trains make when they stop at the train station 100m away.

Funny I had to go almost around the globe to understand something so simple.


I’ve been here only for a few days so far but this year I’m staying somewhere until mid-September. There are so many people here I’ve known for years now and there’s always something to do even if it’s not windy. Trickboarding, SUPing, wakeboarding, longboarding… the list is endless. There are parties and events planned for the whole season and right now we have two top PKRA competitors, Eudazio da Silva and Carlos Madson, staying on our campsite too. It’s pretty funny to see those “famous” Brazilian guys playing football with our boys or just hanging out with all of us 😉 Even more amazing to see them on the water, but I had that pleasure in Egypt already a few months ago… really inspiring! Makes me want to go and practice new tricks myself 🙂


This season should be pretty interesting as I still want to focus on developing the female kitesurfing scene here. I have some things planned in my mind already, I just need to find a bit of time to talk to my sponsors and other ‘influential’ people and see if they can help me to bring them to life 🙂 I really hope so because we have lots of great girls over here and all they need is a small push to come out of the shadows and rock it! As far as competitions go, I might be entering one or two of them next month, but that really will all depend on how much I get to train in the upcoming weeks. I’ve had a 1.5 month break in riding due to lack of wind followed by an injury so progress-wise I am not yet in the place I wished to be by now… but it’s all a matter of practice and right now my main goal is to get as much riding time in between lessons as possible! The forecast looks good so fingers crossed 😀

Hopefully next time I’ll be able to post some riding pictures as well!

May wind be with you,

I Guess Longboarding Is Now THE Thing

As far as I know, Chałupy has always been known for two things: being a kite/windsurfing mecca and having nude beaches where all the flower children of the sixties migrated to do whatever flower children did in places like that… 😉 I have never been to any of those beaches and I’m not even sure they still really exist, but what has become really popular lately among all the free spirits here is longboarding. I have never tried any skate-related sports before, so when the opportunity appeared a few days ago I was more than eager to finally put my hands on one of those boards. It turned out to be so much fun! I guess I’ll try to ride as often as possible from now on to become better and maybe learn a thing or two… especially that for the next few days there will be almost no wind at all and we have some longboards to test for free in

Below are some Go-Pro pics we took during a sunset break on one of the campsites. It was super nice to sit there on a pier with everyone, our legs dangling above the water, people walking there and fro, children playing silly games… a good time for sure.

Can’t wait for the evening to ride again! Longboarding is FUN!

May wind be with you,

Cherish what you have, dude.

Ever since I got my camera back from the service 2 days ago, I’ve been thinking there is truth in saying that you understand the importance of things once you loose them. Only now I really feel how uncomfortable it was, using photo equipment I don’t know and don’t really like instead of my own things… I can’t believe I used to complain about my camera in the past 😀 Will never do that again for sure, I love it now more than ever! And I may not be a great photographer, but taking pics makes me happy and I guess that’s the most important thing… everyone got used to being followed by a tall weirdo with a camera/gopro around the school and people have finally started to act natural around me so it’s becoming more and more fun to try and capture them unawares. 😀

The forecast has finally improved and it seems from tomorrow on there should be at least a bit of wind every day. A good thing, as I need to think seriously about finally earning some money… my kite plans around the world are expanding all the time and if I don’t start organizing now, I might have problems later on… but no need to panic, it is going to work out for sure. It has to! 🙂

A few snaps from today are below, all the people are employees 🙂 We have had the same teaching crew each season for many years now, which is an amazing thing that doesn’t happen often. After you have gained some working experience in this field, you start to understand that instructors keep coming back year after year to the same place only if the school is really good. The best schools around the world never need to post seeking employment ads, it is actually hard to get accepted there as all the posts are usually taken. Proud to have been a part of one of those schools for 3 years now! 🙂

May wind be with you,