Sri Lanka Tales


Hello everybody!

This year I have promised myself a few things, and one of them was that I will see at least a few kitespots from my ‘to do’ list before 2015 is over. I have already been to Sardinia in April and now, as a result of a few spontaneous decisions and a clear inability to save money like a normal human being, I have found myself buying a ticket to another place that I have always dreamed of visiting – Sri Lanka.


Well, what can I say? I’ve been here in Kalpitiya for a week now and it really is everything I though it would be… and so much more. It is really beautiful. Palm tree forests, mangrooves, salt lakes, windmills and wild donkeys strolling on the beach… Honestly, if there ever was a place I loved as much as this one, it would be the Philippines. And that really says a lot, because Philippines is my favourite place on the whole Earth so far 🙂


The wind has been amazing until now. I’ve been kiting in the lagoon every single day perfectly powered on my 8m kite. Yesterday we did a one-day trip to the Magic Spot, a tiny island about 50min boat ride from Kalpitiya, where the wind blows steady offshore and the water is as flat as it can possibly be. I was kiting the whole day on my 11m and landed a new trick in the afternoon which, as you can imagine, increased the level of awesomness by another 1000 🙂


Life in Kalpitiya is slow and relaxed. It is so hot here that you kind of go through the motions, avoiding any unnecessary fast movements. Sri Lanka is the first place ever where I kite in a bikini and feel warm! It doesn’t even happen in the Philippines, so that should give you a general idea how hot the air and water can be over here. If you are counting on some refreshment while diving into the lagoon… well, you will be disappointed 😀 But as far as my personal feelings go, I love it. Sun, white little clouds, the heat, the boiling water, massive windmills in the background and wild donkeys strolling around – it is a holiday package I’ve been looking forward to for a very long time. The food is riddiculously good too, which even though not the most important, is definitely a huge plus for a food lover like me 😀


I’m staying together with my best friend who is an instructor here in Srilankakite kiteschool. We live in a little wooden hut with a roof made of dried palm leaves. There is one little wardrobe, one double bed with a mosquito net around it, one rug on the floor and one power socket – this is literally it. How cool is that?! When you get into this kind of lifestyle, you really start to understand that in terms of material things, you need very little in your life to feel content.


Today is the first day with no wind since I’ve come here, and I am actually pretty happy with that, because after a whole week of kiting my body feels broken. My knee hurts from all the landings, my arms are sore at the elbows from passing the bar and all in all I feel like a young person trapped in an 80-year old body. One day of rest is exctly what I need before I go and charge full power again tomorrow 🙂


That’s it for now! I still have 8 more days over here and I am really ready to use them up to the maximum. I will try to stay connected, but it is just so difficult when you have so many amazing things going on in the real life around you. And this, my dear friends, is yet another proof that you can be broke and happy at the same time, as long as you are broke in the right place… and Sri Lanka is the right place for sure, I have no doubt about that.

May wind be with you,


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