So… Am I a two-timer now or what?

Ever since I’ve come back from my trip to El Gouna (check out the Projects 2015 tab at the top of the page for the full story and the video!) I’ve been living at home in Warsaw. Unfortunately, the place where I live is pretty far away from the sea (and let’s not kid ourselves – the weather this year in Poland is not especially warm, so I don’t feel motivated AT ALL to drive across the country in order to kite in cold) and so I didn’t have any opportunity to kite the last few weeks. It would seem like a disaster to me if not for one thing – I have found something that gives me almost as much happiness and satisfaction as kitesurfing.


Wakeboarding is a great complementary sport to kiteboarding and I sincerely regret not trying it years earlier. I’ve been going to the local 2.0 cable park (we actually have quite a few of them around Warsaw, but ‘my’ cable is OΕ›rodek WisΕ‚a, that’s where I spend all of my free time πŸ˜‰ ) and already after only 2 weeks I can feel my body is getting much stronger. It’s been quite easy for me from the beginning becuse I have a strong kiteboarding background, but the thing I have discovered almost straight away is that all the air tricks, which is what many kiteboarders like doing in the cable, don’t interest me at all! It is all about obstacles and the countless ways of how to approach, slide and exit them – I absolutely love it all! Working on style and trying to mix and combine what I have already learned is so much fun and since I am a beginner still, there are just so many things to learn!


Every session brings me some progress and I slowly feel that the obstacles I have in my 2.0 are not enough for me anymore. I want to ride bigger and better and try more and more on various features and actually I am super excited because at the weekend I am going to a bigger cablepark together with my friends and we are going to spend full two days riding the obstacles there. That park has many features I have never tried before, so I am sure it is going to be extremely fun!


I’ll keep you posted about all that is happening but for now – peace out!

May wind be with you,


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