Shredding El Gouna with my Sista!

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After some pre-season soul searching on Sardinia (check out the KiteMag article -here-) I have decided that it was time to do something else and go somewhere for a shorter, adventure packed trip. Since my good friend Malin Amle was already in Egypt and we have talked a lot before about starting a fun project together, it was a no brainer to pack my bag, fly over to Africa and hit one of the most known Egyptian kitespots – El Gouna.


I have been to El Gouna a few times before, both on holiday and working as an instructor, but this trip was special to me for two reasons. First, I have just recently started riding cable (and riding boots in general) and El Gouna has now a very nice cable park for no-wind days, and second, I had a chance to meet up with my girlfriend and rock it on and off the water together for a whole week. It was a chance that doesn’t come all too often to me, as I am usually always on the move and my schedules rarely match those of my close friends.

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I don’t really like Egypt in general, mostly because well, to be honest, being a tall, blonde European girl over there is just hard. I am very sorry to write this, but this is just how it is, and while some people may like this kind of attention, I am one of those loners who don’t. You don’t have much anonimosity in Egypt, people are staring at you a lot all the time and even though I am used to it by now (as I said, I’ve been to Egypt many times), it still makes me tired or annoyed sometimes. But El Gouna is different. It is a closed town mostly filled with Europeans and if not for the people who work there and the surrounding desert, it wouldn’t feel like Egypt at all. I like it, even though it’s not very ‘local’, as over there I can relax and just enjoy my stay. El Gouna has also a lot to offer, nice kitespots, good cable park and a bustling nightlife if you are into going out in the evenings.


The first three days Malin and I have spent in the El Gouna Sliders Cable Park. She showed me around, introduced me to her friends and we had tons of fun riding doubles and filming together! I feel like I’ve learned a lot on those days, both riding and filming-wise and I had a chance to try some new obstacles for the first time! Sliders is such a cool place, they have two cables where you ride laps in opposite directions, so it actually gives a perfect chance to learn how to be more versatile! I am so hooked on wakeboarding now, literally can not wait for my next wakeboarding session back home šŸ™‚

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In between riding cable and kiting we have managed to do some sightseeing in downtown El Gouna together, trying on funny clothes and roaming through local shops in search of something interesting. We also went on a trip to the desert where unexpectedly we found an old, abandoned train… easy to guess, exploration mode was full on!


The last two days of my stay the wind was pumping and so we had little time to do anything else but hit the water. We were filming a lot, but there was also enough time for silliness and goofing around… We even ended up tangling once and had to self-rescue back to the shore!

TGT (1 of 1)-47 TGT-(1-of-1)-8 DCIM100GOPROG0022920. TGT (1 of 1)-50 TGT-(1-of-1)-9

Riding with your buddy is honestly one of the best things as not only you can have a good laugh together but also no one motivates you more on the water than your sista shouting “Come on, GOOO FOOOR IIIIITTT, YEEEAHHH!”. I had INCREDIBLE fun together with Malin and I am pretty sure it will not be the last time we meet up for some kite and wakeboarding fun šŸ˜‰ In fact, we have already something planned for the future together, but for now it’s a secret šŸ˜‰

A little collaboration video is coming super soon, so STAY TUNED!!

May wind be with you,


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