27, wait, what?


Today is my birthday (27! Time to start calling myself ‘an old hag’ or what?) and so, I have decided to sit down and scribble something here. So let’s see…

After an amazing week spent in the CWC cable park in the Philippines and two days of full-on chilling during the best transit in Bangkok I have ever had, I have finally landed back in Warsaw, my lovely home city, and I’ve been staying here for over two weeks now.

The first question that has hit me upon arrival was “OK lady, so what are you gonna do with your life now?” and to be completely honest, the first few days were a constant search for the best answer. I wanted to do something that will let me develop in the direction that interests me in kiteboarding, I wanted it to be something that, for a change, puts ME first in my own head and I wanted it to be something sensible, because for the past year, as awesome as it was, it seems I have made many misplaced decisions that have not profited me in any particular way. I have kind of realised that, being 27 years old, I can’t do things the same way as when I was 23. Life is different now in many ways and it’s time to step up my game a notch, otherwise this lifestyle will just leave me behind.

So I sat down. And I started thinking about the things that I truly want.

Life is an interesting little bugger, because it seems to me that when you open your mind to all the possibilities, put yourself first and assume that you can do absolutely anything you set your mind to, it always shows you new solutions you haven’t seen before. And it surely did so for me this time, and my new plan is already in motion! πŸ™‚

For all of you interested, I will be hanging out in Poland a lot more this spring and summer. You’ll see me more on the Polish competitions, festivals, girls kite meetings (Cabrinha Girls Weekends – yes, those things are totally happening this year too! We’ve already started planning dates and the general outline, so stay tuned! I’m so excited that this little pet project of mine is still growing strong and receiving so much support from the outside), we’ll be organizing some exciting stuff like photoshoots, downwinders and wakeboarding trips on no-wind days… It looks like my schedule will be pretty packed with awesomness this summer and truth be told – I can not wait!

Probably the best part of me being back home is that I have visited Cabrinha Poland office and have finally oficially SIGNED A NEW CONTRACT with Cabrinha for another two years! I’m changing my setup a bit too, from now on I will be riding Chaos kites and Custom board with Cabrinha boots. I’ll still have my XCaliber on the side of course, but for now I’m super thrilled to step up my game and expand into different areas of the sport a bit πŸ˜‰ Funny how I’ve been into kiteboarding for quite a few years now but recently I feel like a beginner all over again in so many things!

Even though Polish competitions usually start in May already, I don’t think the Polish season will kick in for real until around mid-June (and let’s be honest – it’s too cold for me before that anyway), so until then I will for sure go on one or two smaller kite trips abroad for myself, just to explore, log in some hours on the water, take some photos and maybe release a kite story or two… Actually, I have just bought (a b-day present to myself, haha!) a ticket to Sardinia on 29 March. Sardinia looks like an amazing place that has it all – flat water, 2.0 for no-wind days and even some obstacles on the kitespot (now that will be fun to try!). I am EXTREMELY excited, because Sardinia is one of those places on my kite list that I have always wanted to visit. And it’s going to be my first proper kite trip (without working) in ages! πŸ˜‰

That’s it for now, my next update hopefully will be from Sardinia already!

May wind be with you,


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