About Zuza

A professional freerider and beach bum from Poland, born in 1988 and raised in Warsaw. I’ve been dedicated to sports my whole life, so when my career as a pro volleyball player hit a dead end around my 20th birthday, I have turned to kitesurfing as a way of filling that empty space I now had in my schedule. I chose it as a summer alternative to my other favourite sport – snowboarding, but as soon as I started doing my first waterstarts I got completely hooked and quickly put kiteboarding as my Number One Activity To Live For. And it’s been this way for over six years now. I’ve graduated university, started travelling the world in search of new experiences and at some point I met people who have decided to support me in my journey. Sounds like I have it all figured out, but truth be told, I still don’t know where I’m going and I have no idea where I will end up. I know I want to travel, I know I want to fall sleep and wake up to the sound of wind outside my window, but beyond that, it is all one big mistery. I do think though that this is a gift, because the unknown is what makes one’s life unique and interesting… isn’t it?


Cabrinha Poland / 24surf.pl

…and additional help with filming equipment from GoPro Poland / freeway OMT


4th KTA Boracay 2014
4th ICTSI Boracay 2015